As we all navigate this new reality during Ramadan, now more than ever we need to reconnect to our faith, and to each other.


Tools and guidance to deepen your faith


Resources and curated virtual Ramadan events


Opportunities to meet and support the community

Remote Ramadan 2020 is a free community initiative by Muslim volunteers to foster a meaningful Ramadan experience for everyone.

How it Works

Monday Mornings
Receive the weekly newsletter filled with:
  • Spiritual guides and resources
  • Curated Ramadan events
  • Opportunities to support the community 
Throughout the Week
Explore opportunities to reflect and connect through:
  • Virtual Ramadan events
  • Facebook group
  • Instagram
Saturday Afternoons
Drop in for our weekly "Ramadan bazaar" to:
  • Reflect on the week
  • Share and explore ideas
  • Foster new relationships
  • Unwind!


This initiative was started by Ibrahim Ayub and Uneeba Mubashsher. Ibrahim is a strategy and design consultant based in New York. Uneeba is a researcher and graduate student in Psychotherapy. The team is supported by dedicated volunteers across North America, including Bushra Rahman, Sara Ahmad, Tolu Owodunni, Saaleh Baseer, and Hamza Quadri.


Who's running this? How and why did this start?
We're a team of volunteer Muslim professionals across the United States and Canada. As it is for many of you, Ramadan is a special time for us, and we're interested in how we can serve others given all the societal challenges from COVID-19. After extensive research and interviews, we saw key needs emerge around spirituality, reflection, community connection, and support. So we developed this project to provide easy access to resources and programming for a fulfilling Remote Ramadan experience for everyone!   

Do the resources follow a particular sect of Islam?
No, our resources are rooted in underlying spiritual principles of Islam. We understand everyone practices Islam differently and we're here to provide inclusive resources for your own spiritual journey. 

What kind of events are there?
We'll be curating events across Muslim communities and organizations. They can range from worship gatherings and educational studies to virtual iftars and hangouts. After you sign up we'll tailor events according to what you're most interested in during this #RemoteRamadan.   

Do I have to attend events?
All resources and events are intended for your benefit and there's no obligation or commitment to anything!

I have an event (or content) to share. Can it be posted on the newsletter?
We can't guarantee, but send it over through this form and we'll do our best to accommodate! You can always share on the Facebook group and Instagram as well.

Can I get involved?
Of course - the more people the better! Shoot us an email at introducing yourself and how you’d like to get involved! 

Are there costs involved?
Nope :)